GivWiz™ with Snipetz™

Changing the way you donate.

Why do you need GivWiz™ with Snipetz™?

GivWiz™ with Snipetz™ is designed by a donor for donors.

GivWiz™ enables you to regain control over your donations, with an easy to use interface so you can:

  • choose your donations

  • create goals for each donation

  • set up reminders to stay on course

  • monitor each of your donations and your overall plan



Snipetz™ is a special feature within GivWiz™ for donors who want to support individuals, not programs or agencies per se, with very small, urgent, direct donations via registered charities in their local communities.



Donating Made Easy.

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Who Is GivWiz™ with Snipetz™ For?

Do you like to help people with donations? But, do you feel your donations are out of control, that you’re not achieving your goals? Do you want to regain that control?


If you enjoy making donations and you want to regain control of your donations, then GivWiz™ is for you. GivWiz™ is a simple to use donation planning, tracking and reminder app that is uniquely donor-centric, designed for donors by a donor.


With GivWiz™, you can choose any group that provides for online donations – not just registered charities. Any group, anywhere in the world, any political and environmental causes or groups, associations and projects, not for profits that are not registered charities. With GivWiz™, you can manage all of your donations.


GivWiz subscribers can subscribe to Snipetz™ and become a participant in a radical new way to directly, easily and quickly fund individuals, not programs or agencies as such.


Snipetz™ allows subscribers to be notified by charitable agencies of tiny (less than $100), local, urgent needs of individuals for direct funding. The charity identifies a qualifying need, notifies Snipetz™ subscribers of that need (no personal info is disclosed), and the first subscriber to respond via email funds the need to the charity, which then manages the donation with the particular person directly.


Snipetz™ fills gaps in our social welfare system that wouldn’t get funded otherwise:

  • the need is urgent, and existing programs can’t react fast enough

  • existing programs don’t address this kind of need

  • the agency has spent its entire budget for those kinds of needs


How Do You Snipetz™?

When you download the GivWiz™ app, you automatically have the chance to opt-in for Snipetz™ and really benefit people in your local community!


When you opt-in, you're allowing Snipetz™ to send you real-time, in-need donation requests from local charities via email.  Example: "Girl needs skin ointment costing $56.45" - No personal identification information is shared!


Generally, Snipetz™ will be tiny — less than $100 per ask. If an organization has a need for more than $100, the donors can combine efforts to make up the entire donation sought. 


If you want to fun the need, all you have to do is email back that you want to help (and how much you're willing to donate). 


The agency that requested the donation will send information about completing the donation with the first donator(s) who pledge to help. 


What Now?

GivWiz™ with Snipetz™ is not finished yet, though, we are still in software development. We are pushing to get listed at the App Store Fall 2018.


Soon, you will be able to download of GivWiz™ with Snipetz™ for free to start planning your donations and achieving your goals!


Once you have downloaded our app, you can subscribe to Snipetz™ and obtain notifications for tiny, urgent, local needs that you can fund with a simple email Interac transfer — or another method of your choosing.

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